In Search of a Sales Superstar

Sales Superstars are made, not born.

How do you make one?  My research of the core competencies of superstar sales performers includes a comprehensive list of 21 crucial elements for success.  

The perfect sales person would rate a 10 (0-10 scale) on each of these 21 items.

     1.     Has written goals.  They are specific, realistic, measurable and can be tracked daily.

     2.     Has a goals management plan.  Works their plan, tracks prospecting and closing results daily, never deviates from daily planned activity.

     3.     Has a Positive Attitude.  About themselves, their company and marketplace.  Feels good about management, company products/services and about learning and growing.

     4.     Takes responsibility.  Does not blame others, the company, competition or the economy for any lack of results.  Accepts challenges and knows their success is entirely up to them.

     5.     Strong self-confidence.  Has a high self-image, is not affected by what others think and does not take “no” as a failure.

     6.     Has supportive sales beliefs.  Calls at the right levels in companies, sheds negative self talk, has Strong Self-Esteem and learns to succeed via failure.

     7.     Controls their thoughts and emotions.  Is never lost for words, never takes anything personally, detaches themselves from the selling event to stay in control and remain ‘in the moment’.

     8.     Doesn’t suffer from “Need for Approval”.  Doesn’t suffer from a deep-seated need to be liked, will ask tough questions, will bring sales to closure, deals with stalls and put-offs, gets their personal emotional needs met outside of sales.

     9.     Recovers from rejection.  Quickly puts the last episode behind them and moves on.

     10.     Comfortable talking about money.  Brings up money consistently and at the right time on sales calls.  Knows what prospects will invest before offering solutions.  Protects margins, won’t roll over on price.

     11.     Has supportive buying habits. (Sales people sell the same way they buy).  Makes quick decisions about personal purchases when they find what they want.  Doesn’t care much about price when they buy.

     12.     Effective and Consistent Prospecting.  Knows targets and prospects daily.  Maintains a quality sales funnel (pipeline).  Gets appointments without sending literature.

     13.     Reaches Decision-Makers.  Goes for the top, gets past gatekeepers, talks executive language and is not intimidated by them.

     14.     Effective Listening and Questioning.  Helps prospects do the talking, Asks the right “How” and “Why” questions.  Gets compelling issues on the table routinely.

     15.     Bonds Early and Builds Rapport.  Helps any prospect relax, deals with discomfort up front, consistently earns trust and controls the interview early.

     16.     Uncovers Actual Budgets.  Is able to establish what prospects have in their budget, and can help the prospect find the money if they don’t have it.  Is firm, sells instead of negotiates.

     17.     Learns Why Prospects will buy.  Has a system for selling.  Understands their prospect’s business and personal motivations for buying.  Helps influence the decision criteria, gets decisions.  Closes 90% + of qualified prospects.

     18.     Qualifies Proposals & quotes.  Knows when to bail out.  Is willing to walk.  Has inside champions, sets and enforces strong commitments.

     19.     Gets commitments and decisions.  Knows how to close in one call.  Always knows what happens next.  Prefers to hear a “No” instead of a “Think It Over”.

     20.     Has Passion for Success:  Has guts.  Closes.  Shortens their selling cycle continuously.  Prospects daily.  Has goals which stimulate money motivation.  Undying urge to be the best.

     21.     Commitment.  Is willing to do what ever it takes…even if it’s uncomfortable, disagreeable, or fearful.

How do your sales people measure up?