I live in South Florida. 91 degrees yesterday... with humidity to match.

The leading impactor of our economy- air conditioning. How many of our businesses would have any customers if it weren't for a/c? An amazing invention.

I ask prospects this question on a sales call. "How long would you wait to call for help if your a/c failed?" Not long.


So you called me because your sales team struggles to achieve the goals you dreamt for your business. So, like with a busted a/c, you have three choices when it comes to your sales team:

1. Repair

2. Replace

3. Do nothing.

You choose.

(If #3 is not an option, you likely don't know how to choose between repair or replace.) You can only make that decision once you know who's trainable, how long it will take us to train up each person and at what investment.

That's why we assess every person BEFORE coaching or training. You wouldn't repair your a/c if it costs less to replace it, right?

Number 1 impact factor on our economy