Recruiting tactics to spot poor salespeople before you hire them

Most companies suffer from poor lead conversion ratios.  (The ratio of leads that actually become customers).   Why? Because of LACK of follow up or the WRONG follow-up.  Your salespeople should engage prospects early and effectively…and most salespeople are dismal at these vital strengths.

Rookies and weak sellers all have one common failure: they blindly comply with manipulative requests from prospects INSTEAD of engaging and personally connecting (bonding).  For example, weaklings respond to email inquires/requests (leads) by COMPLYING with their inane requests.

Imagine an email inquiry from a prospect who asks for information, pricing, examples, history, product details or services background… all without personal contact.  The weakling always complies.  Complies by wasting time writing the prefect email, instead of inspiring the prospect to engage them.

Here’s a technique to test a sales candidate’s propensity for the weakness.

When candidates respond to your job posting, send each an email.  Ask for details about their experience, how do they think they would fit, why should you hire them then a few “how-would-they” type questions.  Make sure your phone number is in the signature line.

Those who reply with answers are COMPLIANT and likely won’t effectively engage your prospects.  Those who call you and/or press you for a conversation are worthy of your next step.