About Us

Chet Tart

Management Wizard


Chet is the King of How To Inspire Salespeople.

Do you know how rare it is to find one leader who can walk the delicate tightrope between encouragement and accountability?  Between nurture and challenge?

Meet Chet.

He’s one of the greatest Sales Managers in American business.

Tough but Gentle.

Supportive yet Relentless.

He’s a master at coaching, de-briefing, motivating, inspiring and training.

John Condry

Management Wizard

John wrote the book on Management.


The Inch Principle.  We think his masterpiece is the most practical book on real-world management ever.

John's principles work.  We begin by assessing each manager’s management style.  Most management training programs shower you with quick-fix approaches that don’t work for everyone.

John says:

Stop trying to change your people.  Change the way they do things.  Leverage their natural gifts, build little traps that overcome their weaknesses.  

One inch at a time.

Kent Malinowski

CEO Coach

Sales Wizard


Kent is the King of Sales Strategy.

During a career encompassing more than 25 years, Kent closed countless multi-million dollar deals.

He hired and trained a thousand sales people on his way to increasing clients’ sales more than $1 billion.  From the Fortune 100 to small businesses lead by scrappy entrepreneurs.  All hold this common characteristic- a relentless passion for growth.

That journey produced scores of groundbreaking sales techniques, strategies, tools and training materials. 

Plus, he serves as our CEO.

Bernie is the World's Best Sales Phone Skills Trainer.

He's trained thousands of salespeople in the Art and Science of Cold Calling.

Bernie brings a rare talent that helps salespeople overcome call reluctance, fear of rejection and allows them to cast aside their self-limiting emotional baggage.  

Bernie brings a remarkable style to training…humor paired with potent techniques.  

It’s transformative.