Management Skills & Tools

How do you motivate people without feeling like you're running a day care center?

How good is morale?   (Most CEOs are the last to know when it's bad).

Is employee drama sapping your ability to get more work done?

Are you worried about replacing retiring senior managers with Generation X and Y (The “Me” Generation) with little management prowess?

They need help.  We coach them on what to do and how to do it.  After all, they are the quick-fix generation.

Fast.  Now.  Fix me.

Management Training Sequence


Employee to Manager.

Manager to Leader.

What does it take?  Scores of opinions prattle about the Internet.  We believe the transition involves a few essential ingredients:

1. Understand your personality and that it will not change.  Stop trying management techniques that force you to be different.

2. Leverage your personality’s natural gifts for management, and learn to deal with your natural weaknesses.

Our assessment reveals the gifts and the weaknesses.

Stress vs. Pressure.

Pressure is good.  Stress is bad.  Stress is the body’s reaction when one feels disconnected or powerless.

Are you or members of your management team creating pockets of Stress?  The Stress Assessment identifies them and reveals solutions.



Fundamentals of being a relevant manager

How technology has re-invented the role of management

Eliminating the WHY, and mastering the WHEN and HOW

Recognizing natural management talent

Manage situations using "Zone Management"

Create a customized weekly, consistent and inspiring routine

Connect the business's needs to the talents and skills of your personnel

How to let go of outdated and antiquated practices


Weekly.  Five minutes.  

Text to learn.

Once we put your managers on the weekly track to managing with impact, we reinforce the Bootcamp training.

Our reinforcement deals with a specific challenge that your managers face.  They text the challenge to us.

We respond.

Short.  Sweet.  Potent.