Sales Development

How Do We Do It?

Simple.  (Just not easy.)

We start with an X-Ray of your team.  How much revenue and profit growth can we find?

Who needs what, and in what dosage?

Then we install the right sales process, and train and coach your people up.  Then reinforce it and and run regular check-ups.


It just plain works.


Deep.  Wide.  


Two on-line questionnaires reveal insights you don’t know about your team.  (If we told you things you already know, that wouldn’t help much.)

We explain WHY the people on your team continually repeat unproductive activities and avoid productive ones.

And, we’ll share what it takes to fix them.  Plus, we reveal who’s trainable and who isn’t.  (So we don’t waste your money or our time.)


A Blueprint for greatness.

We start by re-engineering your company's sales process.  We replace stupid steps with masterful ones.  And we re-sequence the way your team navigates the buyer-seller dance.

Then we systematize tracking of essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Finally, we align the entire management team, achieving buy-in before moving forward.

Potent.  Inspiring.  Customized.


Forget seminars.  

Forget training videos.

Our training is hands-on.  Shoulder to shoulder.  

We took a page from the best trainers in the world… the U.S. Military.  Adults learn only by DOING…then by making mistakes and learning from them.  

Training for skills and tactics.

Coaching to break through their negative self-talk.

Training the CEO to master the five hats of sales management.


So when do athletes stop training?

When do pilots?

How often should professional salespeople train?  As CEO, you may give your salespeople permission to stop training the minute you want them to stop improving their craft.

We pre-brief before sales calls.  

We de-brief after sales calls.

And we practice, drill, rehearse…every week.



Forget measuring your sales team only by their sales.  (Lagging indicators of success).  We evaluate them based upon LEADING indicators:

Health of the sales funnel (pipeline). Closing ratio.  

Prospecting attempts and ratios.  

Sales cycle time reduction.  

Customer satisfaction.

And, of course, gross profit margin.

Track these and you’ll spot problems long before they impact your P&L.

Self Talk, Weak Sales Processes

& Their Impact on Profits

Selling & Negotiation Barriers

That little voice in your head (self-talk) can kill you.

What you believe, how you think, and those little voices impact your ability to sell and negotiate.  Big time.

We install the right sales process, train stronger selling skills and coach-out negative self talk.  When you do all three.  Wow!

Magic happens.

Watch this.

Sales Training Sequence